Investing in Africa’s “Foodture”

Turkimoz is a FINTECH investor in Mozambique targeting essential value chain crop with vertical integration into oil and animal feed processing.



Our vision

To be a leading investor in Mozambique agricultural sector

Our Mission

A thriving large-scale agriculture operation in Mozambique that benefits both people and planet.

Soybean, the Legume Queen

By Vuk Djordjevic Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad, Serbia Professor Ho, a historian at the University of Chicago,...

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Fintech Smart Investment

Agribusiness Investments on Block Chain Distributed ledgers.

Our projects represents one of the very few opportunities internationally that gives a twofold potential return:

  • The yields from the land and its produce and the usage of the whole vertically integrated value chain.
  • Asset Appreciation of the farmland through our innovative Asset
    Tokenization that creates digital tokens on a distributed ledger or
    blockchain related to each hectare of farmed soybeans.
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