We are keen to reach high returns and performance of investments for our potential investors, all together with growing sustainable, socially impactful and ethical agribusiness.

investment proposal

Our investment proposal represents one of the very few opportunities internationally that provide a twofold potential return:

  • The yields from the land and its products along with the usage of the whole vertically integrated value chain
  • Asset appreciation of the farmland through our innovative asset tokenization that creates digital tokens on a blockchain related to each hectare of farmed soybeans

Why invest in agricultural sector?

Investments in Farmland has historically outperformed stocks and bonds leading to a hike in total yearly returns along with low-lying volatility.

Key investors (especially hedge funds) have advocated agriculture as part of a diversified portfolio for years. That approach has gathered momentum recently as demand for food threatens to outstrip supply and as continued risk infiltrates the stock markets of the world.

Recognizing the food crisis and challenges posed by climate change and the lessening of cultivable land together with a diminution in water resources available for farming; we decided to focus on keeping food security at the core of our investment strategy and to regularly monitor its impact on local communities in AFRICA as well as other stakeholders.

Our Project


TURKIMOZ Investments Company will be farming 6,000 hectares of aquired land in Mozambique. The principal crops will be Soybean for which offtake has already been secured. 

Our proposed fully integrated 12.5 Million USD project is targeting an essential value chain crop, which is SOYBEAN, with vertical integration into oil and animal feed processing. We expects to leverage this opportunity to have a positive social impact
on the local community and obtain a high return on investment.

For the first Phase of our project of 6000 hectares of SOYBEAN in Mozambique (part of 16 thousand hectares project), we have gathered experts with experience of implementing ground up large-scale farm operations in  relevant projects in Africa and Middle East. 

TURKIMOZ has the full support of the Mozambique Government with whom they have been working closely to realize their vision of agriculture being the vehicle to alleviating poverty, reducing imports and achieving critical fiscal growth.